Romantic Place


Shimla is the ideal destination to cuddle up with your partner amongst the snow-capped mountains and breezy green grasslands. The land here offers many a mesmerizing views that spell peace and quiet. Also, take a heritage walk through the architectural marvels.

[Exploring Shimla and Manali together can be another option for romantic getaway]

With the stay at Oberoi Cecil Shimla, you can wake up to the sight of sun seeping through the towering bountiful mountains.


Step into another world with magnetic Manali. The mountain views and pristine atmosphere make it ideal for a honeymoon spot. Also good for adventure enthusiasts, as there is a whole range of activities from hiking to skiing to indulge in with your partner.


The rustic land of silent backwaters that are fringed with arching palm trees casting their green reflection on the waters. In Alleppey, you are embraced with the warmth of nature.

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To truly experience the beauty of this place, stay at the quaint boat house that calmly glides upon the clear water offering views of lush paddy fields and hillocks.


Head to the tranquil hill station of Munnar. Away from the hustle and bustle, it is here that you get to experience endless stretches of bright green tea plantations. Adding to the romance in the air is the sweet aroma of tea that wafts through. Stay at the colonial styled Devonshire Greens where you are in sync with the nature.


A white meadow of snow and alpine stretches, Auli is another romantic destination worth visiting. Walk through the frosty land and get the spectacular sight of the second highest mountain in India, Nanda Devi. Add a touch of adventure by going skiing down these snow crusted slopes.


Head to Kumarakom, the land of emerald green backwaters. A perfect place to unwind, laze around by the backwaters together, click endless pictures of both of you in the scenic environment or head to the bird sanctuary to spot rare migratory birds. Stay at the Kumarakom Lake Resort that stretches over 25 acres of verdant land and is beautifully situated on the banks of emerald green Lake Vembanad.


An idyllic hill station of South India, Ooty is a favourite spot for couples who want to beat the heat and head to a cooler place. The eucalyptus and pine trees along with the coffee and tea plantations make for a flawless amorousness setting. Perfectly blending in with the surroundings is the Savoy Hotel.


Tucked away amongst hills that are thickly adorned with mushrooms of trees, Wayanad does justice to the word 'getaway'. A place that is mostly untouched by civilization, head here with your loved one. Immerse yourself in the wild forests, sub-tropical savannahs, lofty hills and sprawling plantations. Stay at Banasura Hill Resort. Made out of mud, the hutments give you the experience of being one with nature. Another option is the Vythiri resort, a misty urban jungle.


Fondly called the Scotland of India, Coorg is a favourite among honeymooning couples. For, it is here you are blessed with verdant teak and sandalwood forests, dreamy hills, stretches of aromatic coffee and tea plantations. Lose yourself in each other at Taj Vivanta that is nestled amidst tree clustered hill range and abundant rainforest.

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You can also retreat to The Tamara where you are right in the heart of the wilderness of nature. Coorg camping is also another favourite getaway among honeymoon couples.


Make a trip to the beach town of Kovalam that is an absolute delight with its sparkling waters and swaying palm trees.

Once here, you have to stay at Leela Kovolam that is perched at the edge of the cliff. Hear the sweet sounds of birds and that of the waves crashing on the land below.

From your bedroom get the panoramic view of the sand, sea and the sky.


A quaint hamlet reproducing a French feel, Pondicherry is perfect for couples to relax and leave all their worries behind. Explore the charming boulevard, laze about together and revel in the spectacular view of the sunrise over the beach. Stay at Ocean Spray. It is here that the two of you can relish in the spectacular man-made lake and five acres of lush land. Also offering mesmerising sights of waterscapes is Le Pondy that is lolled at a cove between Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal.


Heralded as the Veince of the East, it is in Udaipur that you get to romance by the glistening lakes and majestic Aravalli hills. This city is also known for its grandeur and hospitality.

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Stay at Lake Palace Hotel that is a floating sight of white marble and opulence. Especially spectacular is the night, where the yellow lights sets the lake below ablaze with its golden reflection.


Yes Goa, for it offers two exciting worlds. Couples who want to party can dance away at the hip places that are famous for their night life. At other times, you can spend quiet times at the lesser populated beaches of Goa. Begin your day with breakfast by the beach and end it with a romantic candle light dinner on the shore. At the Wilder nest Nature Resort's you can swim by the pool that seems to merge into the sky and gives great views of valleys and mountains. Another option is the Turtle Bay Resort which is peaceful and private.


The majestic city of Jaipur, offers a romance of a different kind. Together, unravel the glittering palaces and resplendent hill top fort and camp overnight at the heart of the dessert.

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For a lavish experience, stay at The Raj Leela palace that is one of the finest heritage hotels in the world. Feel like a king and queen in this place that has retained the royalty and magnificence of erstwhile kings.

Havelock Island

A perfect place for loves struck couples, is the isolated Havelock island of Andaman. Pampering you with the perfect combination, the beaches give you privacy and the waters are a sparkling turquoise.

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Here the pristine sands appear silver and the best of all are the breath-taking corals that are found nowhere else in India. Want to turn up the experience a notch? Go scuba diving together and unravel the hidden water kingdom.


Referred to as a dream destination, Khajjiar is another place to be with your partner. Offering a feel of the country side, take a horse ride together on the green pastures and treat your taste buds at the many fast food eateries.


Take a romantic trip to the higher lands of Nainital, the alluring Lake District. Amidst pristine surroundings, cosy up with your partner as the weather of the region plummets. Have a peaceful experience as you take a boat ride by the pear shaped lake that gives the view of lush mountains dotted with houses. Stay at the Shervani Hotel, surrounded by the spectacular sights of the Himalayas.


Known as the 'Queen of Hills' Mussoorie beautifully resides at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Get away with your partner into this place of deep woods and architecture remnant of the British era.


A divine vision of rolling hills is the misty Darjeeling. Ideal for couples as it offers the perfect setting of Himalayan backdrop, towering trees and the most famous of all, tea plantations. Stay at Mayfair that is the best place to get the view of the thick valley and hills.

Rann of Kutch

Elope with your partner to the middle of nowhere. As that is what Rann of Kutch feels like. A seasonal salt march situated in the Thar Desert, for endless stretches all you can see is the expansive deserts and the clear sky above.


We are not taking about going to Lonavala during the overcrowded weekends, but rather the days during the week when you can bask in the beauty of the nature here at peace. Along with the scenery, also take a dip at the waterfall along with your partner.


It is here that you can discover the quaint and European architecture with your loved one. Stroll along the eclectic street like Princess Street and unravel the nooks and corners together. Retreat to the Vaamika Island Resort for the perfect getaway and seamlessly merges with the island.


Head to the southern-most tip of the country that is known as Land's end. It is here that the Bay of Bengal converges to the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Catch the remarkable sunrise and sun set like no other in the country along with your partner. Also, due to the location of this place, you both can actually see the sun set and moon rise at the same time.


Translated into the 'Meadows of Flowers' the scenic place of Gulmarg is just that. This along with pastures adorned with pine trees and snow flaked landscape make it a perfect backdrop for a couples.Gulmarg is just another name for valleys of flower.


Rekindle romance at the picturesque land of Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh. Get invigorated at the Moksha Spa Resort that is an ayurvedic health spa. It is perched on the over 5000 feet in the Shivalik Ranges of the mighty Himalayas and offers breath-taking views. For a heightened experience, take a massage together and spend time at the balcony that opens up to the beautiful valley.


The quiet and enchanting river of Kabini is an experience in itself. Let the love blossom at this rustic land that retains the tribal life and wildlife. An ideal place to stay along with your loved one here is Red Earth. Located at the backwaters of the Kabini Dam, the natural surroundings here are left intact.

Daman & Diu

Head to the quieter beaches of Daman & Diu. The beaches are pristine and while here, you and your partner can also explore the historic forts.


Tread where not may have along with your better half. Though not popular like other tourist destinations, the sights offered here simply breath-taking. When you step in here, you feel like you have been transported to a fairy land indeed.


Make an excursion to Rishikesh for two contrasting experiences. On one hand, attain spirituality with your loved one as this place is also known as the yoga capital of the world. On the other hand, take a thrilling river rafting adventure sport on the frothing fierce waters that makes its way through rocky terrains and lush landscapes.


Treat yourself and your loved one to the charming destination of Shillong. Though a small place, you get to unravel cascading waterfalls, calm lakes, lofty mountains and yes sumptuous Chinese cuisine as well!


Rejuvenate together at the beach resort town of Visakhapatnam. Stay at the APTDC Haritha Beach Resort. Perched on a small scenic hill, this stay gives one of the best views of the beach.


Experience peace by the pure beaches of Puri. One of the holiest destinations in India, the entire area permeates a calm vibe. While here, get blessed at the Jagannath temple as well.


Head to the a city of love, Agra where the opulent and extravagant epitome of love resides. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife. While here, you and your partner can also relish in the other majestic monuments. However to truly feel royalty, stay at the Oberoi Amarvilas. One of the most luxurious resorts in the world, in the mornings you can actually relish in the amazing view of the sun rising over the iconic Taj Mahal.


Get enticed by the divine beauty of Srinagar along with your partner. For here are regal and vibrant Mughal gardens, inviting houseboats and the mesmerising Dal Lake that was once a favourite destination in movies for the protagonist to profess his love to his partner.

Offering a unique experience of this pristine lake and a tranquil garden is the Butt's Clermont Houseboats. Another perfect place to stay in is the Lalit Grand Palace that is fringed with the majestic Himalayan Ranges and overlooks the Dal Lake.


Rediscover each other at the land reflecting the era of the British Raj. Dalhousie provides the colonial charm with old-world churches, stately architecture and a landscape laced with stately grooves of pines, deodars, oaks and pretty rhododendrons.